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About BioThane®


This revolutionary material has the look and feel of leather, yet it is composed of sturdy polyester webbing that is coated in PVC or TPU and requires minimal care. In the worst conditions, it outperforms leather, ordinary nylon, and other material leashes and collars, with a breaking strength of 1000 pounds per square inch. We call it "unicorn leather" because it's a magical substance that's also vegan-friendly. BioThane® is a trusted brand for sports leagues, space and military organisations. It is made in the United States and imported by European retailers. visitors.


Our products



Nature and weather conditions dictated the brand concept and fundamental principles, which were designed to be long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. The most essential to us are high-quality materials that will last a long time and ergonomic product design for the comfort of both the dog and the owner.


Design types



Designed just for the Hound Squad, these illustrations are one-of-a-kind. Designed by Karolina, a co-founder of the Squad, and printed with high-quality paint in our local printing house. 


You x HS

Have you ever dreamed about having a collar with your dog's illustration on it? We can create it together! Personalized collars are for dogs and their owners who appreciate uniqueness. It will be illustrated by Karolina, a creative mind of our squad who makes all of our unique patterns.


Sealed BioThane® tips

All of the products that we manufacture will have sealed tips. There will be no more visible nylon threads.

About us

We are the Hound Squad, and we are based in Lithuania. Two designers with degrees in architecture and monumental art, as well as four dogs - borzoi Fargo, greyhound Olivia, Saluki Luna, and mini pinscher Zuze - were the inspiration for us to build something for our four-legged companions. We met on Instagram, became friends, and later started a company called Hound Squad.

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