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How long does it take to process my order?

Some all of our items are ready to ship, although others are specially made by order.

"In stock" products will be dispatched within 1-7 days, and "made to order" products will be shipped within 7-10 days. It could take anywhere from 14 to 28 days for the collar with our designed illustrations.

WHAT IS BioThane®? 

This revolutionary material looks and feels like leather, yet it is composed of sturdy polyester webbing coated in PVC or TPU and requires minimal care. It outperforms leather, ordinary nylon, and other material leashes and collars in the worst conditions, with a breaking strength of 1000 pounds per square inch. We call it "unicorn leather" because it's a magical substance that's also vegan-friendly. BioThane® is a trusted brand for sports leagues, space, and military organizations. It is made in the United States and imported by European retailers.

Does BioThane® can be easily chewed by dog?

BioThane® is a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof, and easier to clean. However, it is not resistant to canine teeth. Thus it could be chewed just like any other soft material collar. 

Are collar illustrations long-lasting?

At a printing house, illustrations on patterned collars are produced with high-quality paint. The pattern will not fade, but it may be mechanically damaged. For example, If your dog scratched his neck especially hard, he could damage print with his nails. 

HOW should BioThane® products be maintained?

  • Soap and water should be used to clean. Dish detergent is usually readily available and effective. If you've been exposed to something really unpleasant, wipe it down with diluted white vinegar.

  • Please have in mind that insect repellents containing DEET will discolor or damage BioThane® goods. Instead, we suggest using all-natural insect repellents.

  • Bright colored BioThane® could get stains from color leaking fabrics, like dog cots, etc.

  • Only spot clean or hand-wash the illustrated collar with cool water. It can also be washed with soap, but don't scrub too hard with sponges, or the collar's print will be damaged.

Where does your hardware come from?

Hardware for the Hound Squad comes from suppliers who are experts in manufacturing hardware for dogs and horses. Powder-coated steel hardware is available in matte black and a range of other vibrant colors. Colorful hardware is coated especially for us by our local manufacturer. You will not find such colors in any other shop.

What kind of hardware do you use?

Our hardware is made out of steel or zinc die casting. Coloured hardware is powder coated and has a matte or satin finish. Metal hardware can corrode if exposed to corrosive conditions for an extended period of time. Our guarantee does not cover rusting of hardware.

Does powder-coated hardware easily chip/rub off?

Our hardware is coated with high-quality paints in manufacture, which specializes in painting car details, screws, etc. It's vital to remember that dragging or constant rubbing can cause rubbing off (such as a leash attached to a D-ring). This is typical of any powder-colored hardware. 

 Do you acept custom orders?

Yes, we enjoy working on special orders. Please shoot us an email, and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

What about wholesales?

YES, we do wholesales. Please emails us at for further information. Thank you!

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